What our Customers say...


This team was phenomenal, got out the very next day and cleaned everything to perfection. They documented everything for us as well, extremely happy with the team!!

Everyone especially the project manager, Josh, was extremely polite and wanted to explain what was happening at each step in the process.

I was devastated when water ended up all over my kitchen floor and into the basement, which I could not get to stop. My insurance company sent SERVPRO to start the process of drying the kitchen and basement entry. I was with the inspector when he evaluated the damage. I was shocked to find that the water had completely ruined the hardwood floor and cabinets in the kitchen, and the downstairs was completely damaged as well! I was heartbroken, then the gentleman with SERVPRO turned to me and said," We can make this tragedy look like it never happened. " I felt a sense of relief and curiosity to see if his statement was true. I watched as the hardwood was torn away from the floor. I was asked about the color I wanted the cabinets to be and all of the other components to make me whole again. I had the BEST carpenters as we worked together to make my kitchen a masterpiece! Niel and José worked with pride and a sense of love for the craft. The transformations were unbelievable. I loved everything they completed because they did not miss anything, which made me excited to see the kitchen finished. The basement was done exactly as I imagined! When I saw the completed kitchen and downstairs, I thought back to the statement I was told as I was looking at all of the damage. "We will make it look like it never happened." The tears in my eyes represented my appreciation for the true statement! I can enjoy my kitchen and cooking cheesecakes for my family again! I especially want to thank Niel and José for giving their absolute best every step of the way and leaving me with a job well done!! I am proud to have had the chance to work with Page in accounting to make everything officially complete!! I would definitely suggest SERVPRO for any kind of restoration, but mine is a work of art!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, SERVPRO !!!

Daniel was professional and conscientious throughout the water damage mitigation within the finished basement. Always available to answer any questions and address any concerns. The teams worked really hard over the course of a week. (There was tons to do)  


SERVPRO came into our home when our family was devastated,
overwhelmed and extremely disappointed. Our home severely flooded while doing a long anticipated home improvement . Matt from SERVPRO was at our home the morning after the massive flooding occurred. After talking with Matt, I knew I had found the company that would restore our son's home. Josh and his mitigation team came in and calmed us beyond measure, reassuring us it would be as good as new. He took care of the insurance piece and guided us as we were all in extreme shock and exhausted.
John bid the house to be repaired down to every single detail. His diligence meant the world to us.
SERVPRO is more than a company that comes in and rebuilds or fixes your home. They care, they understand and they do what they promise they will do!
We were blessed to have Neil in our home off and on for several months . He rebuilt and restored our son's home piece by piece , like it was his own home. He listened, he was attentive to all the emotions that came with this devastation and he never downplayed what was important to us. If Neil said it , you could take it to the bank.
It's been a long unexpected journey and SERVPRO was here from day one to the complete restoration, and for that we can never THANK THEM ENOUGH!!!!

Due to a malfunction of a motor for the air conditioner-furnace system, frost buildup caused water to damage the carpeting in both the finished room and the furnace area. The furnace room had boxes all over the floor in this area which were water damaged. Anthony moved boxes and furniture that was very heavy. He cut out the damaged carpet and took it and all the empty wet boxes out of the area. He checked the walls and floorboards. We are very happy with the way things looked when he was finished. My daughter was here before he came and she,too, was so impressed by the job he had done. Thank you, Anthony, for being a caring and conscientious person! I would recommend your work ethic to anyone!!

Anthony and Adonay were very professional. They made sure we understood what they were doing. They completely cleaned up after themselves where they had to remove sheetrock.

They did a great job. Professional and responsive. Anthony, Jake, J, Eric and a few Other guys that were great to deal with. Would highly recommend.

Serve Pro employee Colton was a calming, responsible, and professional presence in the midst of my water damaged bathroom event, due to a leaking shut off valve. He's come everyday to check on progress, and yesterday had to cut a bigger hole in the dry wall to facilitate the water removal.. And also, upon asking him to check under my kitchen sink, to find if water had run down there as well, discovered my waste disposal did not have a plug and immediately went out to his truck to remedy that. Kind and compassionate for my worries and concern.

This review is for anyone who needs the very BEST HELP available for a catastrophic event in their home. On Nov.3 / 21 we had a major blockage in our sewer line which caused the sewer water to backup into our house. The SERVPRO team from Olathe came and did an absolutely SPECTACULAR job of cleaning up the mess. ALL of their team right down to the last 2 guys ( Gavin and Dorian who vacuumed our garage !! ) were terrific. We would like to say a very special “thank you “ to Jamal (the manager of the team)whose kind understanding , competence, and excellent articulation of our situation made our passage thru this disaster bearable…thank you again Jamal as well as Josh , Felix , Adonay , Flad , Gavin and Dorian.

Love Love love, the friendly, warm, business environment, casual office environment, wonderful office space, wonderful people working there. It's nice to go to a business and put in an application where everybody is courteous but still very transparent as an equal opportunity employer great atmosphere for work. ??. If my GPS had not worked I would have never had one of the best experiences I've had in a long time applying for a position thank you guys there is still hope for all of us and humanity.

An extra big THANK YOU to Matt Haney, project manager, for such a job well done at our home after a fire loss. He was efficient, dependable, compassionate to our needs, and worked very expeditiously throughout the entire process. Also, his team/crew were very professional and worked diligently to get our home cleaned up and back to being livable. Would highly recommend Matt and his team if you are ever are in need of fire cleanup.

Angel and Adonay came out and made quick work of the cleanup. They were careful with our flooring and our furniture and did a great job getting everything cleaned up.

Angel and Mark did a great job. Both professional and respectful.

Angel and Mark were very careful with my belongings. Taking care of even the disposable of the wet boxes I had chance to go through during the time they were here. They are a couple of very hard working guys that even could smile while lifting some pretty wet heavy items. They are a great team for SERVPRO.

SERVPRO lived up to all our expectations regarding the sewer and water backup damage we experienced. Their work was outstanding--always on time and each task handled efficiently and professionally. I especially want to thank Thor and Angel for their attention to detail and the wonderful job they did. We are very grateful and appreciative of their attention to detail.

After massive water damage SERVPRO sent Colton, Mark and Joel to access and demo our site. Colton and Mark demoed the area and made sure there was no evidence of odors lingering or wet areas that could cause future damage. Each were professional and knew what they needed to do and worked diligently. to finish the job.

SERVPRO lived up to all our expectations regarding the sewer and water backup damage we experienced. Their work was outstanding--always on time and each task handled efficiently and professionally. I especially want to thank Thor and Angel for their attention to detail and the wonderful job they did. We are very grateful and appreciative of their attention to detail.


Awesome company! Arrived fast and helped get my kitchen back to normal after a leak.

Mike was very helpful and knowledgeable. We’d definitely recommend him and SERVPRO!

They came out on Sunday evening and started drying our floors. Vlad has done a great job following up to ensure everything is done right!!

The technicians from SERVPRO did a great job. Both were beneficial in pointing out additional problems to our household health. 

SERVPRO was great!  We are very impressed with the level of work.  I could not have asked for a better restoration company.  We are very satisfied. 

We are very impressed with the level of service and work performed by SERVPRO.  The work looks great.  Great work. 

We had an excellent experience with the team at SERVPRO.  They responded immediately to our restoration needs.  The team was very professional and we are very grateful for everything.  Very satisfied.  We would recommend them to any of our fellow businesses for their restoration needs. 

We had an excellent experience with SERVPRO.  They went above and beyond our expectations of service.  I am very satisfied with the work performed.  Thank you. 

We are very impressed with the level of service provided for our mold remediation.  The team was very helpful and polite.  We couldn't have done the work without them.  Great work!

We couldn't have asked for a better company for our storm restoration needs.  They arrived at our home immediately and began the process.  The process was seamless.  We are very impressed. 

We had a great experience with SERVPRO.  The team was very professional and polite.  I am very impressed with the service and work done.  I would defiantly use them again if ever needed in the future for our restoration needs. 

Floods hit our area recently and unfortunately our family home was affected. Thankfully most of the damage was in the garage and unfinished basement so we weren't displaced like many others, things to be grateful for. The SERVPRO team arrived the following day and immediately knew what to do and made the clean-up seem like a breeze - we know it was a lot of work and we appreciate everything they did!

After the hail damaged our roof we had a water leak in our attic that ruined a lot of items we were storing up there. Your team was so kind and professional and explained to us everything that was going to be done to save some of the sentimental items we had up there. I can't thank you enough for the hard work that went into cleaning up our attic and the precious items you restored for our family! Thank you, 

I just wanted to say thank you!  Your crew was amazing!!  It took a ton of trauma away when the kids were showing up this morning. You make a huge difference in what you do. Please pass these sentiments along to your team. 

Thank you and God Bless!

From start to finish with our flood Matthew made everything work and made it look easy. They moved us out, replaced the interior and we were back in business within 33 days which was quick for the amount of damage. We are grateful for Matthew Minshal and his teams!

Everyone was extremely helpful. Huge thank you for the attention to detail on cleaning our home so it is safe for our family. 

Vernita's team was 100% professional, yet also all so personable. We really bonded with all of them. SERVPRO of Olathe/Lenexa has some very special individuals... all caring. 

The crew was here within just an hour of us calling and stayed until after midnight to make sure we we on our way to getting things back to normal.

I can't thank the team at SERVPRO Olathe enough. Everyone from Josh, Angel and Chris! Thank you so much! 

You have to appreciate this team - they had to dig through ash and soot - they had to wear suits to stay safe and yet they were determined to check for everything I asked about; and made sure we did not lift or move anything! 

Professional. On time. Thorough. Personable. They took care of my water issues quickly.

They were great! They helped me find a specific picture needed for my daughter's wedding - above and beyond!

Don't change anything - 100% perfect!!! It was such a wonderful experience in a tragic situation.  Thank You.

They were wonderful, kind and helpful.

All SERVPRO employees made every step of this process easier to go through and was there for every need and/or question.

Thank you so much! You helped to make a difficult situation a little easier to deal with.

I would have been lost without your help!

You are incredible! Everything is looking wonderful! I don't know how you do it! Thanks for all your hard work!

Roy was EXCELLENT with this service! I would recommend SERVPRO to anyone else in need. Thanks! Roy especially!

All were up beat and made me forget my house drama. It was like having good friends helping me out.

Very good and fast to get here.

Efficient and were quick to respond. Jesse and Roy were extremely helpful - professional - kind and hardworking. I can't praise them enough! I am so impressed with your staff and service. Thank you so very much.

Great service. Made us feel so comfortable and encouraged about all the repairs!

Thomas and his crew did an excellent job. They are courteous and efficient.

Excellent service - completely satisfied. People I talked to or phone (Sharon) and dealt with in person were exceptional (Travis). Thanks!