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Moisture meter reading levels on carpet

Effective Moisture Meters

This customer called our SERVPRO team out to treat their water damage. Our team was quick to respond and give a proper assessment within no time!

Moisture Meters Are Essential

Moisture meters are a tool our SERVPRO team uses during the initial inspection in your home as well as throughout the water restoration process. As the water dries we need to ensure that no excess moisture is developing mold.

Water damage and missing drywall to ceiling/wall

The Faster The Better

This residential property underwent some water loss due to a water leak but was caught in a timely manner, preventing extensive damage. 

Water Damage In Your Home Can Be Dangerous

Our SERVPRO team responded quickly to this customer in effort to rid and prevent the problem from spreading. If stagnant, water can begin to intrude other areas, potentially getting into crevices, initiating mold growth. We ensure your property to be return to its pre-damaged state. 

Van with bagged debris and equipment

Leave No Trace Restoration Services in Olathe

When SERVPRO techs handle restoration projects in Olathe properties, they are careful to work safely. At the end of the job, they handle getting rid of the bagged debris following local and federal regulations.

Garage with multiple SERVPRO air movers

Directional Airflow Dries Storm Damage on Olathe Fast

After storm damage happened to the roof of this Olathe garage, the homeowner contacted SERVPRO for fast help. The techs performed temporary repairs on the roof to stop any additional rainwater from entering and used multiple air movers to force warm air into the wet ceiling to dry it quickly.

Gray tile floor in a bathroom with flood cut sheetrock

Kansas City Commercial Water Damage Cleanup

This bathroom in a Kansas City property required commercial water damage cleanup. SERVPRO technicians scoped the area, found the water's wicking into the sheetrock, and removed the deteriorated portion to halt further damage. Fortunately, the seal on the grout remained intact, and no seepage occurred.

Row of chairs with SERVPRO drying equipment

Storm Damage Gets Center Stage in Olathe Auditorium

Severe weather left behind storm damage in this Olathe auditorium affecting rows of seating. SERVPRO technicians extracted the water and set up drying equipment using plastic barriers to focus the airflow directly on the loss areas and cut down the time needed to dry.

Roof Leak

Leak in Roof

When your Olathe home has water damage from flooding or leaks, you need the company that can respond immediately and has the expertise and equipment to properly restore your property. SERVPRO of Olathe / Lenexa uses advanced water damage inspection and extraction equipment to help them find the moisture and to remove it as quickly as possible.

Flooded Basement

Residential Flooding

When a storm hits your Olathe home, you need the company with storm damage experience and expertise.  A fast response is crucial to flooding and storm damage, because it reduces secondary damage and restoration costs. 

Mold Problems

It is very easy for mold to begin to grow in your home or business. A small water leak or even just excess humidity can be enough for mold to form in your Olathe, KS home or business.  If you discover mold, give our SERVPRO of Olathe/Lenexa team a call!

Water Loss

SERVPRO of Olathe / Lenexa has a specialized team that can handle any size water loss.  This local Olathe, KS home experienced a leak in their garage after some heavy rains, and they called SERVPRO of Olathe / Lenexa to quickly restore their property.

Cleaning Services

SERVPRO of Olathe / Lenexa technicians are highly trained and use advanced equipment and techniques to clean and restore your home.  Whether it's a water loss, fire loss, or your home just needs a deep cleaning, you need SERVPRO of Olathe/Lenexa.  

Leader in Commercial Restoration

When a water loss of any size damages your Olathe, KS business, you are met with many challenges.  Our SERVPRO of Olathe/Lenexa team is proud to be Faster to Any Size Disaster, and we are ready to respond to ANY size commercial loss. If you experience a water loss, big or small, in your commercial business, call us!

Flooded Hangar

When you have a leak, it is critical that the water does not sit for too long, for it can begin to cause secondary damages. SERVPRO of Olathe/Lenexa's first priority is to assess and get all of the water out your Olathe, KS property and place the proper amount of drying equipment. 

Mold Infestation

It is very easy for mold to begin to grow in your Olathe, KS home or business. A small water leak or even just excess humidity can be enough for mold to form in your home or business. If you find mold on your property, call SERVPRO of Olathe/Lenexa today!

Water Restoration & Cleanup in Olathe, KS

When this local business in Olathe, KS was damaged by a water loss, our SERVPRO of Olathe/Lenexa team quickly took action. When water damage occurs, it is important to call a water restoration specialist today!

(913) 782-4693

Who do I call after my business is damaged by a water loss?

Our crew is hard at work on a commercial water cleanup job in Olathe, KS. After receiving a call from the business owner, our team quickly responded and got to work to ensure that the loss was properly taken care of and restored.

Water Emergency Ready

A water emergency never occurs at a good time. SERVPRO of Olathe/Lenexa is always here to help with your water restoration and cleanup needs in the Lenexa, KS area! Don't hesitate and give us a call today.

Commercial Water Damage

Commercial restoration presents it's own unique challenges, but there's no better team in Olathe, KS to handle your commercial restoration needs!  The SERVPRO of Olathe/Lenexa team has equipment and expertise to handle any size water loss job.

When should I call SERVPRO?

It is important to call SERVPRO of Olathe/Lenexa as quickly as possible after a water loss in Lenexa, KS. Fast response to water damage is crucial to prevent secondary damages & mold. 

Give us a call today!

What do I do if I find mold in Olathe?

If you suspect that your home or business in Olathe, KS has a mold problem, it is important to know who to call.

SERVPRO of Olathe/Lenexa can quickly respond, inspect your property, and properly remediate your mold infestation.

Who do I call after a water loss?

The aftermath of a water loss in your Edgerton, KS home or business can be very stressful and confusing. Here are a few tips and suggestions of what you can do until our SERVPRO team arrives to help.

Master Bedroom Water Damage

If your home or business in Olathe, KS experiences a damaging water loss, call SERVPRO of Olathe/Lenexa. Our team is highly trained in water cleanup and restoration. 

Check out our Water Damage Tips to see what you can do after your loss.

Bedroom Water Damage

After a water loss in a local Olathe, KS, home, our SERVPRO team was given a call. When it comes to water damage, it is crucial to get a crew on site as quickly as possible to minimize the chances of further damage.

Sewage Cleanup & Restoration in Gardner, KS

A property manager called our SERVPRO of Olathe/Lenexa team after a sewage loss occurred in their Gardner, KS, rental house. If your home or business experiences a sewage loss, it is important to call a certified team to clean up and restore your property!

Laundry Room Water Damage

Our SERVPRO of Olathe/Lenexa team was called to action after a homeowner in Lenexa, KS, experienced a water loss in their laundry room. Our team quickly arrived at the scene and began the cleanup and restoration process.

Water Damage in Olathe, KS

If your home or business in Olathe, KS, has been damaged by a water loss, call our SERVPRO team today. No matter day or night, rain or sunshine, our crew is available for immediate response.

From Start to Finish

SERVPRO of Olathe/Lenexa is always ready to respond to any size water damage that might occur in your Lenexa, KS, home or business! Our team will quickly respond to your call and make sure you are taken care of from start to finish!

Mold in Commercial Facility in Olathe, KS

A commercial facility in Olathe, KS, discovered mold on their large property and have our SERVPRO of Olathe/Lenexa team a call. If you think you might have a mold problem, give us a call.

Check out our mold damage tips and what to do until help arrives.

Large Commercial Water Loss

Water damage can happen very suddenly and leave your commercial property with extensive damage. If your commercial property experiences water damage, give our SERVPRO of Olathe/Lenexa a call. Our team has the equipment and expertise to properly handle your water cleanup and restoration needs.

Personal Protective Equipment

SERVPRO of Olathe/Lenexa is working hard on a commercial mold remediation. Since mold can be very harmful, our technicians wear protective gear to stay safe during the process.

If you have discovered a mold infestation in your home or business, give us a call.

Residential Water Damage

Our SERVPRO of Olathe/Lenexa team has set up the drying equipment after a small residential water loss in Olathe, KS. Water damage restoration and cleanup is only one of many services our team offers. If you experience water damage, our Olathe/Lenexa team can help.

In Action!

Did you know that SERVPRO of Olathe/Lenexa is always on standby and always ready to respond? Our team is available to respond to your residential or commercial loss 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Mold Infestation Discovery

Can you spot the mold? Mold can be very harmful to you and the people around you.

If you suspect or have discovered mold in your home or commercial property, SERVPRO of Olathe/Lenexa is Here to Help.

Severe Mold

If you discover mold in your home or business, it is crucial to call a certified restoration team such as SERVPRO of Olathe/Lenexa as quickly as possible to minimize the spread of mold throughout your property.

Our team is always Here to Help, just give us a call!

Fire Damage Restoration

Our SERVPRO of Olathe/Lenexa team was called to this church after a fire. Our team was quickly on site to start the fire damage restoration process. If you experience a fire, give our SERVPRO of Olathe/Lenexa team a call!

Water Damage? No Problem

After a commercial water loss in Olathe, KS, our SERVPRO of Olathe/Lenexa team quickly responded!

We will make any size commercial or residential water damage loss "Like it never even happened!"

Give us a call anytime, at (913) 782-4693.

Here to Help

When a large loss like this one occurs, it is important to know who to call. SERVPRO of Olathe/ Lenexa has the best team and equipment to make any size commercial loss "Like it never even happened."

Thermal Camera in Action

After a residential or commercial water loss, locating the source can be tricky. That is why we use our highly advanced thermal cameras to help locate moisture in walls or ceilings. SERVPRO of Olathe/ Lenexa is Here to Help with any size water damage restoration!

Residential Sewage Restoration

After a sewage loss caused severe damage in this Olathe, KS, home, our crew quickly responded. Sewage losses are very harmful and unsanitary and it is crucial to quickly call expert water damage restoration specialists with specific training to safely restore your home or business. Our SERVPRO of Olathe/ Lenexa team is Here to Help, 24/7.

Water Damage Restoration in Action

After our crew removed the water damaged drywall, they got the drying equipment up and running. Our SERVPRO of Olathe/ Lenexa crew is in action and working hard to make this residential water damage "Like it never even happened." 

Discover Mold in your Home?

Discovering mold in your home is beyond stressful. That is why our SERVPRO team is always on standby and always ready to respond. We have the best team and the best equipment to help make your mold damage "Like it never even happened."

Fire Electronics

After an electronic fire, this memory board had smoke damage.  SERVPRO took the electronics to their facility to clean.  The memory board was able to be put back in and restored back to normal. 

Soot on white bathroom tiles in shower

Fire Shower Cleaning

This shower suffered from smoke and soot damage. The tile made it easy for clean up.  SERVPRO has cleaning solutions to remove the stains.  Contact us for your fire restoration cleaning. 

Wooden Boxes used for Storage

After cleaning out the house after a severe fire, we removed the damaged electronics, books, furniture and cleaned them at our facility. After the cleaning we stored in wooden boxes while the home was restored back to pre fire conditions. 

Electronic Wash

After an office suffered from a small fire, these electronics had smoke and soot damage.  SERVPRO has special cleaning techniques to remove the damage and restore back to working conditions. 

Office Hall Water Restoration

This was the finished product after SERVPRO responded to an office flood.  They used equipment to extract the water and put down air movers and dehumidifiers to dry and remove the humidity from the office preventing further damages. 

Commercial Water Mitigation

This office building suffered from a water loss after a pipe break.  The water had flooded the floors and down the halls.  SERVPRO has special mitigation equipment to extract the water and dry properly preventing future damages. 

Copper Tea Pot

This copper tea pot suffered from fire damage after a kitchen fire.  The team at SERVPRO has special cleaning techniques and equipment to restore belongings after fire and water damage.  

Outdoor Fire Damage

This was the aftermath of an outdoor kitchen affected by a small fire.  SERVPRO responded immediately and began the clean up process.  The fire damage was removed and rebuilt the area back to normal conditions. 

Tool Box Fire Damage

After a garage fire, this tool box had smoke and soot damage.  The team at SERVPRO was able to professionally clean the box and remove the stains. Contact us for your fire restoration emergency. 

Stud Mold Damage

SERVPRO has special mold cleaning techniques and treatments to ensure your home is safe after finding mold.  This home was treated and cleaned after finding mold on these wall studs. Contact us anytime 24/7 for your Mold Remediation emergency. 

Mold Drywall Removel and Equipment

This is the aftermath of a water loss.  Mold was found behind the wall after removing the drywall.  They used air movers to dry the area quickly and was able to clean and treat the area and restore back to pre mold conditions. 

Flood Cuts After Storm

Flood cuts were performed after finding storm damage to this home.  The flood cuts are performed to dry behind walls preventing mold and other damages from occurring. The air movers were put down to dry the area quickly. 

Living Room Storm Damage

This living room suffered from water damage after a severe storm.  SERVPRO responded and began clean up procedures.  They packed up the homeowners belongings and removed old flooring and put down new. 

Baseboard Mold Damage

After removing baseboards from this room mold was discovered.  SERVPRO responded and was able to clean and treat the area before replacing the baseboards.  For your Mold Remediation contact us anytime 24/7.

Mold Containment

SERVPRO responded to this office to find mold invested in the office space.  The team has special cleaning techniques to clean and treat the mold.  They set up containment to keep the mold from spreading throughout the space. 

Carpet Storm Damage

After a storm hit the Oalthe, Kansas area this home suffered from storm damage.  The storm waters had damaged carpet in the basement.  SERVPRO responded immediately and began mitigation process. 

Storm Damage Hardwood

This hardwood flooring suffered from water damage from a severe storm.  The hardwood had to be torn up.  The team brought in air movers to dry the area quickly and replaced with new hardwood. 

Roof Storm Damage

This commercial roof suffered from significant damage after a storm hit the area.  The metal roofing was loose and leaking causing water to flood into the building.  SERVPRO responded and began clean up and rebuild procedures. 

Garage Water Loss

This garage suffered from significant water damage.  The floors had flooded after water leaked from the roof.  The team was able to remove and dry the belongings quickly preventing water damage. 

Kitchen Drying Equipment

The team at SERVPRO has professional drying equipment for your water loss.  This home suffered from significant water damage to hardwood.  The team responded quickly and put air movers down to dry flooring quickly preventing further damage. 

Wet Carpet

The carpet in this recreation room was soaked by a water loss that affected multiple rooms in this structure. If your home or business suffers a water loss like this, call us. We are faster to any size disaster.

Damaged Ceiling

This home experienced a water loss that did the damage you see on this ceiling. Our team was quick to respond to the call for help. If you have a water loss in your home, give us a call.

Local Brewery Water Damage

The sprinkler riser under the ground at a local brewery broke, causing the water pressure to build up and burst through the concrete slab. A muddy sludge swept through the 90,000 sq. ft. facility. First we extracted the watery mud, squeegeed it out of the building, then power washed all of the effected areas and finally went in with a disinfectant. 

Lightening Strike Church Fire in Butler

After a terrible thunder storm in Butler, KS this churches steeple was struck by lightening causing a fire in the main sanctuary. SERVPRO of Olathe/Lenexa was on the scene the following day assessing the damage. Kansas ranks 5th for lightening strikes in the nation with 971,258 cloud to ground strikes last year. 

Water Loss at a Storage Facility in Olathe

This was a loss SERVPRO of Olathe / Lenexa cleaned up in 2016. This large storage facility had a water pipe burst causing flooding and effecting a lot of the boxes, which were holding toilet paper. Restoration work in commercial buildings is more than simply cleaning up after water loss. It is about understanding the building and the people involved. We needed to get in as quickly as possible to clean up the warehouse and get this company up and running the following day. 

Drilling Holes For Faster Drying

This photo is an example of how in select water damage situations SERVPRO of Olathe/Lenexa are able to remove the vinyl molding at the base of the wall and drill several 1/2" holes every foot along the base of the wall. Air movers are then placed along the wall blowing drying air. This helps increase circulation within the wall and speeds up the drying process while avoiding cutting into the drywall.  When the area is completely dry it is easy to repair the holes and replace the vinyl molding. 

Drying Chamber

By using a simple containment system as seen in this commercial property, we can decrease the size of the area that we are drying. This speeds up drying and lessens costs to our clients and customers.  In this case we had a saturated electronics on a floor of cubicles.


When doing different types of restoration work we will set in the space what we call air scrubbers. These air scrubbers are HEPA filter units that collect air borne particles that their size is 300 times smaller than the diameter of a human hair.

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

Two of our techs posing in their PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) worn to minimize exposure to hazards that cause serious workplace injuries and illnesses. PPE may include items such as gloves, safety glasses and shoes, earplugs or muffs, hard hats, respirators, or coveralls, vests and full body suits.

Flooded Office Space

This is a local doctor's office that had a pipe burst from a recent freeze that we had in the Olathe area. Three of their offices and main hallway were affect.