Odor Removal and Deodorization

We Deodorize and Remove Odors from Kansas City Properties

It is a known fact that we can all become "nose-blind," in our own Kansas City homes. The house smells just fine, or so we think. We have customers tell us that after being on vacation for a week, they are shocked at the awful odor that greets them at the doorway.

Most structures are not a closed system. Air can infiltrate from

• The exterior when the doors and windows are opened
• Penetrate from the crawlspace or basement
• HVAC system "puff back"
• Wildfires or even that campfire on a Saturday night
• Notorious "musty" malodors from mold
• Smoking leaves an odor and a yellowish film
• Water leak dampness in fabrics or porous materials like wallboard
• And the list goes on and on

Our SERVPRO technicians also live in and around Kansas City, so we are attuned to the various sources of olfactory attacks in our environment. No need to cover up and hide odors.

Talented Odor Control Technicians (OCT) that can deploy advanced equipment and products like:

• Hydroxyl generators for fire and mold odors by chemically combining with the unwanted airborne molecules
• Ozone machines for stubborn, thick, lingering odors
• ULV Ultra-light volume foggers for seeking our malodors at their source
• Thermal foggers for those tough odor-killing challenges using solvent-based agents
• Slow-release deodorizing beads
• Water-Based Odor Counteractants
• Sealants to encapsulate odors--especially after fire damage

We can make your home "Smell Like a Rose."

We have the training and equipment to identify and eliminate these offensive odors. By identifying the cause of the odor, and determining the conditions where it contacts surfaces, the odor can often be removed over time without a trace. Our technicians have access to several odor removal products capable of penetrating surfaces to neutralize an unpleasant odor thoroughly.

The science of identifying and eliminating odors can be a tricky thing, so give us a call, and leave the restoration to us.